There are so many direct sales companies you could choose to partner with-not only did you choose Aloette, but you chose our Charlotte Franchise team! I'm so happy to have you. Whatever reason you joined-know that your success is our success, and we are so excited to have you. 
Below you'll find our "quick start guide"...because anytime you start something new-it can be overwhelming, and we tend to feel like we need to learn everything "all at once" in order to be successful. Sometimes thinking that way can lead us to feel defeated before we start! After all, you're busy, and you didn't join Aloette to have another "job"...you joined because you wanted time and financial freedom!

To start earning money right away in Aloette, it's really just 3 simples steps. These steps will ensure you learn lots in a simple, convenient way and also help you start earning money quickly, too! 
1. Schedule and hold your business launch.
2. Learn your show script.
3. Set a goal of what you will do with your first $200 earned through Aloette.

The video below has more details, and you have an entire team to support you, too!

Here's to your success,


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Three Steps to Success in your new Aloette Biz

How to have a successful launch Event

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